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  • Post Workout Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

    Post Workout Mistakes That Make You Gain Weight

    It all seemed to be perfect you made a plan and started organizing an intense workout program. However the time passes and you don’t see any results. Well maybe you’re not really following your plan. Besides statistics have shown that there are some common post-workout mistakes that usually lead to disappointing results and make you […]

  • Beginner's Guide to Running

    Beginner’s Guide to Running

    It’s already the spring season and do you know what does that mean? Well that means that soon the so-expected summer season will arrive! So it’s the best time to plan a new workout regimen. Well considering the warm weather we think that the best you can do to have an enjoyable exercising program is […]

  • What To Eat Before Your Workout

    What To Eat Before Your Workout

    A training program won’t be effective if you don’t combine it with the right eating regime. Also it is very important to know what to eat before you start your workout. Well as always here we are to show a full coverage on topics that interest you. So check out to see what you should […]

  • Common Diet Myths Debunked

    Common Diet Myths Debunked

    Almost all women seek for effective methods of losing extra pounds. We should admit that not only fat but rather thin women desire to get rid of some calories. They give a try to various types of diets and lose the elasticity of the skin. They end up with spoiled teeth and hair loss as […]

  • Easy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week

    20 Easy Ways to Lose Weight in a Week

    To tell the truth, each woman desires to notice a great and quick change in weight. However, it isn’t always achieved and it’s not the best solution either. Losing weight requires some time and just spending several hours at the gym won’t help you get rid of all the extra calories. Fortunately, there are 20 […]