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  • Warm Weather Hairstyles

    10 Stylish Warm Weather Hairstyles to Give a Try

    Warm weather makes us feel the warmth of the sun rays on our bodies and the opportunity of wearing light outfits such as skirts and shorts with bare legs. You are provided with a chance of showing off your body in a trendy swimsuit and enjoying your time at the beach. Definitely, we start thinking […]

  • Your Ultimate One-Week Skin Detox Plan

    Your Ultimate One-Week Skin Detox Plan

    The moody days winter season also seems to bring a whole bunch of skin issues that you do need to take care of. For example the lack of the moisture or the cold weather might lead to some frustrating results. Luckily there are certain things that you can do in order to achieve and maintain […]

  • Kim Kardashian's Beauty Routine Revealed

    Kim Kardashian’s Beauty Routine Revealed!

    As you know the Kardashian sisters have brought a whole new beauty ideal to the fashion world. Their exotic look and flawless beauty have changed all beauty standards. This time we would like to focus your attention on gorgeous Kim Kardashian’s beauty routine, who brought a revolution to the fashion world changing the perception of […]

  • Anna Trebunskaya red hair

    11 Chic Ways to Wear Red Hair like Celebs

    Almost all women are fond of experimenting with various hairstyles and hair colors, creating their unique and bewitching look. You have probably tried wet-looking hairstyles or pixie and ponytails. However, there is something new in the hair trend, worth trying: the red hair color. Have a look at the celebrities and you will see that […]

  • Socks and Sandals Are Back to Fashion

    Socks and Sandals Are Back to Fashion

    Many of us think that sandals and socks are incompatible, but it’s time to break that stereotype, as the compatibility of this pair is back to fashion. Winter is over, spring is on its way, but don’t think about packing away your socks. On the contrary, pick up some amazing socks for your sandals and […]

  • How to Style '70s Bangs

    How to Style ’70s Bangs

    ‘70s styles have marked their big comeback. Although the styles of that time are mainly associated with the subculture of hippies,‘70s inspired hairstyles are associated with the iconic look of beloved Farrah Fawcett. Well guess what! Now it’s the best time to rock a similar style. Well to be more specific certain elements of the […]

  • Homemade Natural Beauty Hacks

    Homemade Natural Beauty Hacks That Will Change Your Life

    Ok girls it turns out that most of the ingredients required for an effective DIY beauty product are in your refrigerator. So instead of spending time and money trying to find the right formula for your case you might start considering making your own DIY beauty product. To get the desired results you have to […]

  • The Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tones

    The Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tones

    According to experts of the field most women think that they know how to pick the right foundation but that’s nothing but an illusion. Well, not anymore, as here we are to present a quick guide on how to choose the right foundation for pale skin tones. So read on to find out what exactly […]

  • Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

    Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

    Straight hairstyles are among the hottest trends, rocked by the models and the celebrities. However, curly-tressed women find it rather difficult to make their hair super sleek. You may face numerous problems after straightening your hair; split ends become visible, your hair becomes frizzy and you may face reappearance of waves. Definitely it’s not the […]

  • How to Style Hair Bows

    How to Style Hair Bows

    Without any doubt, bows may aid any look get to perfection. When imagining bows on your tresses, you immediatelyreach for ones, which are already made with a fabulous material and in various shades, thus skipping bows created with your locks. However, styling hair bows is not a complicated process and after several practices, you will […]

  • Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

    10 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

    When organizing a wedding ceremony, you desire it to be exclusive and far away from looking traditional. Though rituals have always been appreciated by people, a great change has occurred and nuptial showers as well as proposals have been replaced with something untraditional. Thus, if you are among the girls who desire their wedding to […]

  • The History Of Jeans Everyone Needs to Know

    The History Of Jeans Everyone Needs to Know

    Well, girls let’s accept that jeans are taken for granted in modern times. Moreover some of us think that denim clothing pieces exist since forever. Well not really. Although denimwear has a rich background it is mainly associated with the rise of the hippie movement in the 70’s. It should be noted that jeans brought […]