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  • Should You Use Cleansing Wipes Or Not

    Should You Use Cleansing Wipes Or Not?

    You use cleansing wipes a lot without considering whether they are beneficial for your skin or not. However, they often fail to clear your makeup effectively. Besides, they are high in toxic formula, which is the enemy of your skin of your face. Discover the disadvantages of cleansing wipes and find out the main causes […]

  • Hairstyles to Go '70s

    9 Lovely Hairstyles to Go ’70s

    The ‘70s style has again intruded into the fashion industry, making us wear it with all its grace. ‘70s hairstyles find their inspiration from the retro style, keeping their modern vibe, as well. The ‘70s inspired hairstyles come to bring the retro vibe to perfection. There are various hairstyle options to stick to, such as […]

  • Trend of Patchwork Denim

    Spring’s Gorgeous Trend of Patchwork Denim

    While a dress isn’t the best option to pull off in any weather, denim gives you an opportunity of doing it without depending on the weather condition. To give an elegant and sleek vibe to your office outfits, denim may help you greatly. When seeking for a modernized version of jeans, give a try to […]

  • Wear Rainbow Hair To The Street

    18 Ways to Wear Rainbow Hair To The Street

    We are super excited to officially announce that rainbow hair is very ”in” this season! So if you were thinking about giving it a try it’s the best time for you to do so! Now check out some super cool ways to wear rainbow hair and get inspired to create your own signature look! Green […]

  • Foundations for Creating Natural Looks

    5 Amazing Foundations for Creating Natural Looks

    Without any words, you should be very careful when choosing makeup products and applying them on your skin. It’s rather difficult to achieve the desired coverage and you should be skillful enough when spreading foundation on your face. These amazing foundations are aimed to create a natural and faultless look without any sign of mistake. […]

  • Shopping Guide to Get Bohemian This Season

    Your Shopping Guide to Get Bohemian This Season

    To embrace the bohemian style, you are not obliged to stick to patched jeans or experiment with vests, created in a macrame style. The catwalks of spring 2015 are filled with romantic and polished outfits in a bohemian style to wear for a great evening. Just take your inspiration from Altuzarra and Valentino, offering pieces […]

  • Fab Ways to Style Jeans

    10 Fab Ways to Style Jeans

    Jeans won’t give you a dull appearance, as there are creative ideas and stylish interpretations of pulling them off. Being appropriate both for daytime wearing and for a great night, jeans continue to be among the trendy outfits for this season. Denim may be seen both in the street and in the fashion shows, and […]

  • Yoga Mistakes to Avoid

    10 Yoga Mistakes to Avoid

    Yoga exercises are quite various and sticking to the right yoga type is a must. However, you are not deprived of making mistakes when performing a certain yoga class. Here are several yoga mistakes to avoid if you want to enjoy all the benefits of yoga. 1. Too Much Body Pushing Knowing the language of […]

  • Curling Iron Mistakes to Quit Now

    Curling Iron Mistakes to Quit Now

    The affection you show to your curling iron has much in common with a feeling you have to your close friend even in case you have lost your contact with her. Thus, if you can’t without your styling tool, you should apply it in a proper way, which is one of the problems you may […]

  • Shopping Spring's Military Trend

    Shopping Spring’s Military Trend

    The catwalks of the fashion shows of spring 2015 featured the trend of military outfits. Gucci and Marc Jacobs fashion shows are worth mentioning, injecting this exquisite trend into the fashion world. If you are afraid of looking bold and mannish in military outfits, we would like to offer you several options, which will emphasize […]

  • Fashion Tips to Look Trendy in Your Business Casual Outfit

    Fashion Tips to Look Trendy in Your Business Casual Outfit

    Everyone wants to look fashionable and cool when wearing a white-toned shirt and a black-toned skirt. However, finding a cute and trendy workwear is not an easy task. That is why we will provide you with several fashion tips to look trendy in your business casual outfit. To look professional and get an office-appropriate appearance, […]

  • Perfect Spring 2015 Pastels

    Perfect Spring 2015 Pastels: 10 Pastel Pieces to Get Now

    Each year you are offered a list of trendy colors, which adorn your outfits and make you look eye-catching and trendy. Spring 2015 is the season of pastel tones, which refer not only to clothes but accessories, as well. Below, we have summed up the perfect pastel pieces to get for spring 2015. 1. Pastel […]