March 2014

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  • 25 Nail Art Designs For Easter

    25 Nail Art Designs For Easter

    Easter isn’t that far away, which means you should get ready for it and this refers to fashion and style too. Nails play no less importance for creating drop-dead gorgeous looks. Go colorful and bright this holiday season, drawing inspiration from these amazing Easter nail polish designs!

  • Hairstyle Tutorials

    Cute and Easy Updo Hairstyle Tutorials

    Every girl dreams to be able to create one of those chic updo hairstyles we see celebs rocking on the red carpet. Well, that’s not something impossible at all, unless you have some basic guidelines and tips there for you. Since we want you to be the star of any party and just every day, […]

  • Step-By-Step Makeup

    Step By Step Makeup Tutorials

    Makeup is the key to every woman’s stylish looks. In case you have no idea or skills for doing a nice and creative makeup look, here we present some simple and cool step by step makeup tutorials for you to stick to! Find your inspiration and embrace your new self! Image via¬† Image via¬† Image […]

  • Stylish Ways To Wear Crop Tops

    15 Stylish Ways To Wear Crop Tops

    Crop tops are having a moment this year and everyone is striving to embrace the trend in the most unique way. Ready to show off your midriff? Check out these 15 ways of wearing crop tops and draw some inspiration for to-die-for looks!