August 2012

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  • 3 Beauty Trends We Can’t Ignore This Summer

    Dear fashionistas, wondering what’s hot and heavy this summer; well, it’s all right here. Three simple trends will help you stay beautiful, stylish and fashionable. Hot Beauty Trends for Summer 2012 Electric Liner This summer try new colors and hues- go for vibrant and bold colors, make your eyes more electric and daring. All you […]

  • Perfect Beach Beauty Tips

    One of the many things we all love about summer is that you can hit the beach any time of the day. It feels great to lie down, get tanned and just have fun. However, it can be a little tricky to maintain your beauty due to humidity and heat. So, here are a few […]

  • Hot Hair Color Ideas for Summer 2012

    So let’s move on with hair styles. The 2012 summer offers us hair color ideas that will blow your mind. If you haven’t had the time to get to your hair, it’s the right time to vamp it up and change it. Here’s what’s hot and fashionable now: Red It’s one of the hair colors […]

  • Fall 2012 Makeup Trends You can Sport now

    It’s amazing to have a lot of time at your disposal, so you can try out the trends for the fall now and see where you will stand in the upcoming season. 4 Fall 2012 Trends To Try In Summer Faux Bob One of the fall trends available for summer is the faux bob style […]

  • Floral Prints for Fall 2012

    A not so surprising comeback of floral prints is expected for the fall/winter of 2012/2013. The floral trends will get darker, edgier and more luxurious compared to the previous season, but nonetheless still cheer you up, give a fabulous mood. There’s a slight chance that the previous ones you have can still be useful, so […]

  • Black Leather – Hottest Trend of Fall 2012

    Looking to wear something hot for the upcoming season, well get a grab on ladies, because the hottest trend for fall 2012 is, I have two words for you- black leather!!!!! I’m guessing that protestors of PETA and activits might find this disturbing, since wearing leather is quite contreversial and critisized, but let’s face it, […]

  • Joe’s Jeans Summer 2012 Lookbook

    Denim fans I have great news for you, Joe’s Jeans Summer 2012 lookbook is already available and it’s amazing. The collection is full of femininity, sensuality with the touch of 90’s retro style additioned with floral and animal prints and Boho style items that will blow you away. Through items you can find blazers, faded […]

  • Speedy Makeup Tips for On-the-Go Girls

    Busy women with booked up schedules have difficulties spending much time on makeup. I know how it feels as I’m one of them and just FYI, I have been so busy lately that haven’t had makeup on for more that two months, but the other day it did catch my attention a few tips on […]

  • Make Your Pedicure Last Longer

    Same as nails, your pedicure is in display 24/7 and you make most of it to have them as beautiful and perfect as possible, but I do know it takes a lot of time and effort to reach this result, so when you do, you want it to last as longer as it can. So, […]

  • Sizzling Animal Print Nail Wraps by Kooky

    Dare to add more color and charm to your nails this summer, as we introduce the latest nail wraps by Kooky. These gorgeously carved animal prints are amazing, you have a large variety of at least 16 different size nail wrap styles so there will be at least one that you’d want to try- I’ve […]