20 Beach Wavy Hairstyles to Embrace this Summer

Spring is in all its rights and soon the warm summer months will come. You long for loose and flowy hairstyles to give your look a gorgeous and springy vibe. Beachy waves are the best option to give a try, taking such celebrities as Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller as your guide. Thus, here are beach waves hairstyles to embrace this summer.

1. Get your inspiration from Jennifer Lopez and resemble her beach wavy hairstyle with a pinned up side. She just created a side section, pulled one of the sides back and added disheveled waves on her tresses.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Jennifer Lopez



2. Copy Leighton Meester’s beach waves, created on her ombre locks. She spiced up her mid-length hairstyle with a middle section and looked super trendy.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Leighton Meester

3. Gigi Hadid looked ethereal and divine with her middle-sectioned beachy wavy hairstyle, rocked on blonde locks. She embraced a lovely look, matching her exquisite style with a nude lipstick and chic eye makeup.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Gigi Hadid

4. Beyonce’s super long tresses screamed with beauty when sported in a disheveled way. The long layers enhanced the attractiveness of her beachy waves. The black gown brought her exquisite look to perfection.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Beyonce

5. Diane Kruger proved that women with mid-length tresses could also rock a beachy wavy hairstyle. If you want to resemble her look, just side section your tresses and add disheveled waves. Pair the look with a pink lipstick and a gorgeous eye makeup for an astounding look.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Diane Kruger

6. Sienna Miller embellished her short layered hairstyle with disheveled waves and created a side section for a fabulous and updated vibe.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Sienna Miller

7. Take Chloe Sevigny as your inspiration and resemble her beach wavy hairstyle for this spring. She made her disheveled waves tight and experimented with a middle section.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Chloe Sevigny

8. Suki Waterhouse embraced a bedhead look with her beach wavy hairstyle. It seemed like she just got up from her bed and let her tresses loose. She spiced up her middle sectioned hairstyle with a parted fringe.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Suki Waterhouse

9. Jessica Alba’s bob hairstyle with blunt ends looked striking with beachy waves. Embrace this look with a middle section for an alluring look in spring.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Jessica Alba

10. Keira rocked a textured wavy hairstyle on her chin-length hairstyle, giving rise to envy and admiration. This look was perfectly teamed with the celebrity’s sunkissed face.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Keira

11. To add a modern vibe to your beachy wavy hairstyle, you may go for a side section and change your overall look. You may pull off this look both during the day and night.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles

12. Emma Stone sported a glamorous look with her beachy wavy hairstyle. She pulled off a red bob hairstyle with a side fringe. For extra appeal, she rocked an off-shoulder dress with bold lipstick.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Emma Stone

13. Keira Knightley pulled off a half up and half down hairstyle with beachy waves. She paired her stunning hairstyle with a parted fringe and a dark smoky eye makeup.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Keira Knightley

14. Laura Carmichael admired us with her gorgeous wavy hairstyle, sported on blonde locks. She created a divine look by matching her mid-length beach waves with a bold red lipstick.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Laura Carmichael

15. To embrace a beachy wavy hairstyle this spring, you may copy Jennifer Aniston’s astounding look with long layers at the front. She went for an off-center and added subtle waves.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Jennifer Aniston

16. In case your hair is too long, you may be tricky with it and embellish with gorgeous beachy waves, taking your guide from Chrissy Teigen.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Chrissy Teigen

17. If you are for a fringe hairstyle, you may spice up your disheveled waves with it like Dakota Johnson and get a bewitching look.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Dakota Johnson

18. Wear a beachy wavy hairstyle and match it with a smoky eye makeup for a romantic vibe. Let Joan Smalls be your inspiration and embrace this look this summer.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Joan Smalls

19. Kate Hudson is the queen of astounding hairstyles. She didn’t make any mistake when sporting middle -sectioned beachy waves.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Kate Hudson

20. Alexa Chung created a flirty and admiring look with her stunning disheveled waves with a middle section. She tucked the sides behind the ear and teamed her look with a flower printed dress.
All these beach wavy hairstyles are unique and eccentric in their own, and embracing them for this season may be your key to a fashionable and chic look.

Beach Wavy Hairstyles Alexa Chung