20 Amazing Beauty Tips for Women In Their Twenties

It’s in your 20’s when you’re too excited about living an adult life. Although by that time you’re expected to know many things referring to your profession and your further plans you’re still considered a beginner in the makeup world. Well, that’s not something to worry about as there are some makeup basics that once you find out you’ll have the right to consider yourself competent in the topic. To help you with that we have rounded up a list of necessary beauty tips that any girl needs to know in her 20’s.

Amazing Beauty Tips for Women In Their Twenties

1. Sunscreen is a Must

Whether you decided to wear heavy makeup or go for a #nomakeup look, one this is sure-sunscreen is a must. So always start your makeup routine with a sunscreen and always check to see whether it’s the right formula for that season.

2. Experiment with Different Colors and Styles

It’s the best way to find what works for you and what doesn’t. So don’t be afraid to experiment with colors and styles to find the perfect option for your case.

3. Contour Properly

Never go overboard with bronzer because that will lead you to having a weird look. Remember contouring is good as long as it’s done properly.

4. Combine Moisturizer with Foundation for Smoother Effects

Add a few drops of moisturizer to your foundation and then apply the mixture all over your face to get smoother and better effects.

5. Skip Conditioning if you Have Oily Hair

Or at least limit down to once a week in order to protect your hair. Another thing that you can do to get the desired results without boosting oil production is applying conditioner to your hair starting from mid-shafts going all the way down the ends.

6. DIY Recipes are Worth Trying

In some cases DIY recipes are more preferable than specific treatments. Especially when dealing with sensitive skin type a DIY treatment made of all-natural ingredients seems to be the best option to go for.

7. Throw Away Expired Mascara

The longest that mascara can last is about three or four months. So even if your tube of mascara is full you have to throw it away after three months. Remember your health is more valuable than your favorite label’s mascara.

8. Know How to Create the Perfect Bedhead Look

The best you can do is start working on the needed texture by using a texturizing hair product or simply spraying salt spray throughout your hair.

9. Use A Lip Liner for Better Effects

Line up your lips and fill in with a lip liner before applying lipstick in order to add more definition and create the illusion of having plumper lips.

10. Apply Anti-Aging Night Cream Properly

Do not skip your neck and decollet because these areas also need special care and boosted protection.

11. Conceal Dark Under Eye Circles

These can appear as a result of stressful days or lack of sleep. Luckily there’s an easy and very effective way to conceal dark under eye circles. Thus all you need to do is grab concealer, apply it all over your eyes and blend well to get a more natural effect.

12. Never Go to Bed Without Removing your Makeup

You’re probably tired of reading about how important it is to completely remove your makeup before you go to sleep. Well we are being reasonable because leaving your makeup on overnight can cause some serious skin damages.

13. Keep Your Makeup Brushes in a Perfectly Clean Condition

You know how important it is to wash you makeup brushes every week or every other week. Dirty makeup brushes can transfer bacteria directly onto your skin surface causing skin irritation and breakouts.

14. Use Hair Products that Are Especially Designed to Help you To Maintain the Color

Otherwise the color of your hair will fade out sooner than you expected it to do so.

15. Use Q-Tips to Apply Makeup

They work great when it comes to applying and removing makeup. So why not stick with this beauty hack?

16. Consider Using Dry Shampoo

Seriously, dry shampoo can do miracles. From treating oily hair to adding the desired texture dry shampoo can help you with many hair care duties.

17. Apply Clear Top Coat to your Manicure

This is the best way to get guaranteed long-lasting effects. So apply clear top coat to your manis every three days and enjoy showing a perfect manicure style for the entire week.

18. Exfoliate your Skin before you Apply Self-Tanner

To achieve smooth effects we suggest exfoliating your skin a day before applying self-tanning product on.

19. Cover Up Chipped Manicure with Glitter

Add glitter on the needed areas to cover up chipped nail polish and renovate your manicure.

20. Apply a Lotion before Applying Perfume

This way you’ll make the perfume last longer than it would in other cases.