1970s Hairstyles for Spring

Women from the 1970s screamed with their unique beauty and outfits. They managed to keep their look super feminine by wearing long dresses and ultra-chic hairstyles, inspired from the retro style. Here are 9 1970s hairstyles for spring, which will give an updated and glamorous touch to your look.

1. Straight Hairstyles

When having too long tresses, you may make them super straight and add chic bangs for a flattering look. It’s a new interpretation of the 70s blowout. You should only apply serum to make your hair smooth and glossy, fighting against flyaways, as well.

Straight Hairstyles

2. Textured Curly Hairstyles

For a dolly look, make your hair as high as possible by adding much texture. To recreate this fantastic hairstyle, inspired by the 70s, you should apply hairspray on all your hair sections for extra volume. Go for hair teasing and apply hot rollers for glamorous curls. After unfastening them, tease your crown and make your fringe curly. Lift it up and sweep to one side, finishing with a hairspray.

Textured Curly Hairstyles

3. Cornrow Braids

To update your classic hairstyle, you may go for lovely cornrows, taking your guide from the 1970s. Divide your long tresses into sections and starting from the hairline, create loose cornrows. You will get several cornrows close to each other with loose ends, which should be brought together with an elastic.

Cornrow Braids

4. Feathered Hairstyle

To create an iconic look with the 70s vibe for this spring, embellish your mid length hairstyle with front layers and add subtle waves. This feathered hairstyle looks dramatic with a side section.

Feathered Hairstyle

5. Tight Curly Hairstyles

Consider another fabulous hairstyle rocked with tight curls. To resemble this look, you should just have curls from nature and after adding much texture to them, enjoy yout bewitching look for this spring.

Tight Curly Hairstyles


6. Wavy Hairstyle

Women in the 1970s adorned attending clubs in fabulous wavy hairstyles. To look chic for this season, you should opt for this style, which will require you less than 10 minutes. Reach or a curling tool and make your hair sections curly by applying hairspray beforehand to add texture. Create a middle section and leaving the root sleek, work with the rest of your locks. Loosen your curls with a comb for a messy wavy style.

Wavy Hairstyle

7. Rock Middle Sectioned Hairstyles

The 70s hairstyle with a middle section can never be dull and uninteresting. You should only skip making them flat and instead go for waves or experiment with a half up half down hairstyle. Make the roots straight and add curls to the rest part.

Rock Middle Sectioned Hairstyles

8. Textured Curly Hairstyles

To rock this amazing style, section your tresses, roll each strand and adjust with hair clips. Loosen each twist and after braiding, apply hot rollers. Repeat the same process with all hair pieces. After waiting for several minutes, unfasten the rollers as well as the braids. Tease your hair a bit and apply hairspray for the final result.

9. Boho-Inspired Hairstyle with Layers

Being tired of straight lock, you may experiment with another 1970s hairstyle, going for a boho-inspired hairstyle. First apply hairspray on your hair to keep the style in place, then curl each hair section with a curling tool, skipping the roots and tips. Top your look with a dry spray for extra texture.
You see how amazing the 1970s hairstyles are, so don’t find any excuse and don’t hesitate to experiment with them for this spring.