15 Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

Though you will be tempted to try new products when creating your stunning beauty, there are certain reasons why you should give preference to old and trusted ones. Without any word, Vaseline is among the products to stick to forever. It is described as one of the creams that create miracles. Besides being applied on your lips, it is used on other parts of your body, as well. Thus, enjoy these fabulous ways to use Vaseline in your beauty routine.

Ways to Use Vaseline in Your Beauty Routine

1.  Get Rid of Lash Glue with Vaseline

Instead of pulling your false lashes before going to bed, reach for Vaseline and you won’t cause any irritation to your eyes and skin. Use a cotton swab and apply Vaseline on the lash line to get rid of falsies. Let it stay on your lash lines for several minutes and you will be able to remove them.

2.  Pull off Earrings with Vaseline

If you pull off earrings from time to time, it may be rather harmful to insert the studs. To make it easy and painless, you had better go for Vaseline and apply it on your ear lobes before the insertion.

3.  Vaseline as Cheekbone Highlighter

Have a look at another effective use of Vaseline in your beauty routine. Instead of spending all your expenses on various illuminating products, you may opt for Vaseline and make your cheekbones glow.

4.  Soften Your Dry Heels with Vaseline

As summer is near and you have to wear sandals, you won’t be deprived of having dry heels. They may become scratchy and quite unpleasant. Using Vaseline on your heels before going to bed and pulling off socks, you will be able to enjoy your soft heels in the morning.

5.  Get Thicker and Longer Lashes with Vaseline

In case you are fond of the minimalist style when creating your makeup, you may achieve thick and long lashes even without applying mascara. Vaseline will be a great help to make your lashes voluminous and enhance their growth.

6.  Fight against Sore Nose with Vaseline

When catching a cold or dealing with allergies, you will usually end up with red noses. When constantly applying tissues, your skin will become cracked. You may easily fight against this problem with the use of Vaseline, as it will provide your nostrils with extra moisture.

7.  Vaseline as Face Moisturizer

You are mistaken when considering Vaseline comedogenic. It is proved that Vaseline may be applied on the face like a cream. In case your face is prone to acne, you had better consult your dermatologist and then stick to this amazing product.

8.  Vaseline as Skin Protectant When You Dye Your Tresses

When opting for the red shade for your hair, you may end up with unpleasant patches on the forehead. Just a bit Vaseline is enough to apply along your hairline beforehand and then pass to the dying process in order to prevent the dye from sticking to your skin.

9.  Fight Against Self-Tanning Failure

When opting for self-tanning, you may deal with unpleasant stripes and marks. Covering your ankles and elbows, as well as knees with Vaseline you won’t have to deal with this problem. This cream will provide perfect absorption and make your dry skin softer and smoother.

10.  Cure Sunburn with Vaseline

In case you haven’t used your SPF-rich product and your skin has become red, you may freely reach for Vaseline and fight against the burned skin. It will combat peeling and provide the dry skin with moisture.

11.  Apply Vaseline on the Eye Serum

Coating the eye serum with Vaseline is a fabulous way to enhance the ingredient of the first product. However, you should skip spreading Vaseline on products, which are high in retinol in order to skip skin irritation.

12.  Lip Scrub with Vaseline

Don’t hesitate to apply Vaseline in your beauty routine and use it as a magical lip scrub. Just combine sugar and Vaseline and get a fabulous lip scrub, which will make your lips smoother and softer. For body exfoliation, you may opt for Vaseline and kosher salt.

13.  Fight Against Chafing

If you are not proud of your thighs and want to combat chafing, you are advised to use Vaseline to make your thighs slide rather than rub.

14.  Make Your Cuticles Softer

When getting rid of gel nail polishes, it will be very painful for your nails and your skin will become dry. To make your cuticles softer, you may apply Vaseline over them and combat dryness.

15.  Fight against Flyaways

You will definitely deal with static when constantly straightening your tresses with a styling tool. To combat these flyaways, you may coat the hair ends with a bit Vaseline. However, you should be very cautious in order not to over apply Vaseline, if you don’t want to create an illusion that you haven’t used dry shampoo for a long time.

In case you were only aware of one or two beneficial features of Vaseline, this post will be a great help to you. It will aid you enjoy all the great and efficient qualities of Vaseline in your beauty routine.