15 Tips to Make Manicure Last Longer

The pretty look of your hands depends on the way you take care of them and on the nail art design you choose. To keep your nails attractive and trendy, you should make them last as long as possible. To help you achieve your goal, we have collected several essential tips.

Tips to Make Manicure Last Longer

1.  Take a cotton swab to apply white vinegar on the nails and then reach for the base coat. The white vinegar helps you get rid of the excess oil from your nails. After making sure your nails are completely dry, go for a base coat.

2.  Manicurists are accustomed to immerse nails into water to make the cuticles softer. However, this tip makes your nails become wider and hold water. After applying the nail polish, your nails will diminish and lose their previous shape, which means the mani won’t go ideally with the nails. You had better stick to cuticle oil.

3.  To skip nail breakage it’s essential to choose the right way of nail filing. You should go for filing always choosing the same direction.

4.  Don’t apply mani on the cuticles if you don’t want to face chipping. Instead of trimming the cuticles, you may reach for cuticle oil and make them go back. You will also need a pusher tool to carry out this process.

5.  Have a look at another fabulous tip to make manicure last longer. Apply base coat with a sticky feature.

6.  You should know that the tips of the nails are fragile and may get chipped easily. So you should spread the base coat in two layers to provide your nails with extra protection.

7.  Don’t move your mani upwards and downwards to get rid of bubbles. Instead, take it between the palms of your hands to extirpate the unpleasant bubbles and prevent chipping.

Tips to Make Manicure Last Longer

8.  Cool air is able to dry your mani quickly. Thus, you may apply blow dryer or soak your nails into water, filled with ice. A minute is enough enjoy your long lasting and dry mani.

9.  Replace your hand sanitizer with soap when washing your hands. Consider that the hand sanitizer makes your nails dry as well as spoils the top coat.

10.  Being deprived of moisture and having no cuticles, your nails won’t be exposed to splitting. Use nail oil each day and fight against drying, as well.

11.  In case you want your chipped manicure to stay longer, you should go for filing and hide the imperfection with a coat of top coat.

12.  One of the essential tips to make your gel manicure last long, you had better conceal the grown out base with a glittery polish to rock an ombre design.

13.  To fix the chipped nail tips and a modern touch to your nails, you may opt for a French art design.

14.  To protect your hands and to give a long life to your nails, you should avoid washing dishes without pulling off gloves. Otherwise, the chemicals will spoil your mani and nail

Tips to Make Manicure Last Longer

15.  In case of facing a nail polish smudging, you should make corrections with a nail polish remover and a cotton swab. Otherwise, you will get a rough surface.

Thus, follow these crucial tips to make your manicure last longer and make your nails more appealing. Stick to these effortless tricks and in case you face any difficulties, ask a professional for help.