15 Reasons You’re Spoiling Your Clothes

Clothes may be spoiled when rinsing, ironing or even hanging. There are numerous causes of ruining your new outfit and in case you are not cautious, you may say farewell to your clothes. Here are 15 reasons you are spoiling your clothes.

Reasons You're Spoiling Your Clothes

1.  You will definitely spoil your sweater if you hang it in the same way as your shirt. The neck and the shoulders of your sweater will lose their shape because of the gravity. You had better store them in the drawer or just go for folding and storing on the hanger.

2.  Instead of folding, you should hang your pants made of leather. Otherwise you will get creases and there will appear wrinkles, thus causing a great problem, as you aren’t allowed to iron this fabric. Instead, use clip hangers and opt for business cards in order not to face clip marks on your leather outfits.

3.  Never keep your outfits in the plastic bag, as it won’t give your attire to breathe. Moreover, the outfit will keep unpleasant smell and hydration when being in the plastic bag. In case you notice wrinkles on your outfits when hung in your wardrobe, the reason is that they are placed too tightly. Thus, you had better leave a little space and then hang the next outfit.

4.  You will spoil your clothes in case you opt for frequent dry-cleaning. Consider that the terms ‘dry-clean only’ and ‘dry-clean’ are quite different. In the first case, you should carry your outfit to special cleaners, while in the second case you may go for hand washing and make it dry in a flat position.

5.  If you throw your bras to the washing machine, the heat will certainly spoil the fabric. After taking the bras from the machine, put them in a flat pose and let them dry. You should also hang them from the middle part instead of the straps to stay away from stretching.

6.  Being careful when storing the bras in your wardrobe drawer is a must if you don’t want to spoil them. The bra will lose its form if stored improperly. You should place them one after another and in a row.

7.  In case you try to get rid of the water from your swimsuit by twisting movements, you will cause a great damage to your outfit. The elasticity will be spoiled and the proper shape will be changed. You had better put the swimsuit on the towel and get rid of the water by pressing. Finally, put your suit in a flat pose and let it dry.

8.  Don’t throw your swimsuit into the washing machine, as it will cause fabric discoloration. If there is a necessity of sticking to a washer, you had better go for hand-washing and apply mild detergent. Put the swimsuit in a flat pose and wait until it becomes dry.

9.  If you don’t want to spoil your workout clothes, never put them into the laundry when they are still wet. Wait until they become completely dry in order not to have a bad smell.

10.  Never iron soft materials, as you may end up with unpleasant marks. Instead, reach for a handheld steamer or just take your cloth in a bathroom, as the steam will act like an iron.

11.  Never keep your shoe collection in an oversized bucket. To make your shoes clean and keep them in a proper shape, place them in a row and make them visible and easy for reach.

12.  If you hang all your accessories on hooks, you will end up with tangling. Thus, you are advised to separate and organize them in muffin tins. You may also opt for ice cube trays.

13.  To skip jeans discoloration and to keep them in a perfect state you had better put them in the freezer. In this way, you will get rid of bacteria and unpleasant odor.

14.  In case you want to keep your bags away, you had better skip hanging them, as it will cause damage to the shoulder straps. Place your bags on the shelf and keep them in shape.

15.  Wrapping and filling bags are of great importance if you want to keep them in the wardrobe. Take a T-shirt and stuff your bag with it if you don’t want to spoil your trendy accessory. Reach for a dust bag and go for bag wrapping, as this trick keeps the fabric from spoiling.

Treat your clothes in different ways, as they all require special technique of washing and hanging. Make them look new and fresh even after wearing and washing them for numerous times. Don’t ignore the main reasons you are spoiling your clothes.