15 Easy Fixes to Common Makeup Problems

The secret of an astounding look is a gorgeous and faultless makeup. However, you aren’t always lucky to be deprived of making various types of mistakes. You may opt for wrong products or apply them improperly, getting a cakey look. To avoid common makeup problems, take into account these easy and effortless fixes.

1.  Never layer foundation over the concealer, as you will wipe it off when spreading the base product. You had better go for foundation and then opt for concealer to skip applying it excessively.

Easy Fixes to Common Makeup Problems

2.  Skip spreading the foundation, choosing the upper direction, as you will go against your baby hairs. To make them invisible and smooth, you had better reach for a makeup sponge or take a brush and carry out foundation patting.

3.  If you hide the circles under the eyes with the same concealer like in case of pimples, you face one of the common makeup problems. To fix it, you are advised to apply lighter-toned concealer under your eyes and opt for the shade which completely goes with your skin tone to hide blemishes.

4.  Concealer isn’t enough to hide the acne scars. To fix this common problem, you should reach for foundation, then opt for concealer and set with powder.

5.  Skip using the moon shape when spreading concealer under the eye area. You had better stick to a triangle shape to make your eyes look brighter.

6.  Never ignore moisturizer even in case your skin is oily. Combine apple cider vinegar with water and apply it on your skin. You may also experiment with green tea and apply it as a toner and only then go for the moisturizing product.

7.  In case of an oily type of skin, skip applying a cream-based moisturizer on all your face. Cover the T-zone with a mattifying gel type of moisturizing product and opt for the cream-based moisturizer on the rest part of your face. This will combat the glow of your face and provide your skin with hydration.

8.  Don’t reach for loose powder when dealing with an oily skin type. To avoid getting a cakey makeup, skip applying excess powder. Replace it with a clear mattifier and get rid of the shine.

9.  The T-zone is the part of your face which is high in shine and may impede you to get a perfect photo. To fix this common makeup problem, reach for a toilet seat cover or a blotting paper.

10.  Shimmery products should be skipped in case your skin is oily. Shimmer will give your face extra shine. You had better go for matte bronzer, experiment with concealer or blush lighter in shade, compared with the tone of your skin.

11.  Skip spreading bronzer on the entire face and use it in the 3 form on your forehead, then go down to the cheekbones and finish with a jawline.

12.  Clean your brushes regularly, as they contain microbes and bacteria, which may give rise to breakouts.

13.  When defining your eyes with eyeliner, never go for eyelid stretching, as it will cause damage to your skin. You are advised to create a thick line and use a cotton swab and makeup remover to make the edge look sharper.

14.  In case your goal is to make your eyes look larger, you should skip swiping black eyeliner along the inner waterline. You may choose the black liner for the top lash line and go for the brown liner for the bottom one. Opt for the nude liner for the waterline.

15.  If you don’t want your lipstick to crease over the mouth, you should make the edges sharper and apply concealer along your lip line.

Thus, there are various essential things to take into consideration before creating your makeup and using certain products. Consider the type of the skin, as it is of great importance. Don’t ignore these easy fixes to common makeup problems, if you want to really look flawless!