15 Concealer Hacks for Pro Makeup Looks

Concealer is a great product to hide any imperfection of your face and provide you with a flawless look. However, not everyone may succeed in applying concealer, as there are essential rules worth following. Thus, you had better take into account these concealer hacks for pro makeup looks.

Concealer Hacks for Pro Makeup Looks

1.  In case you have to apply foundation on your skin, stick to it first and then opt for concealer. This hack will aid you diminish the amount of concealer applied on your face. In case you reach for concealer and then foundation, you will wipe off the great part of it.  

2.  Concealer is multifunctional, and it may be used as a primer on your eyelids to make the shadow stick to your skin.

3.  When hiding the ruddiness of the pimple, you should first opt for the green concealer and apply it with the help of a brush. Then opt for a concealer and choose a shade which perfectly goes with the tone of your skin. Go for blending and finally set the product with powder.

4.  Choose concealer, which differs from the tone of your skin in a shade, if you want to apply it under the brow bone, on the center of the eyelid and on the V part. It is an ideal option to provide freshness to your tired eyes.  

5.  The ring finger is the best choice to apply concealer under your eyes, as it’s doesn’t press that area too much. To hide the blue tones, you had better stick to concealer in an orange shade or opt for the peach color.

6.  There are various concealer tones, which have various aims. Peach toned concealer comes to hide the under eye circles in a blue hue, green is for red pimples, while yellow smoothes the uneven complexion.

7.  To fight against puffiness, you should reach for the combination of three distinct products. Mix eye cream and highlighter with concealer and spread it underneath the eyes near the temples as well as on the brow bone to conceal puffiness and make your eyes look brighter.

8.  After covering the under-eye-area with concealer, you may notice that the product has transmitted into the fine line. To get rid of it, reach for a tissue and take away the extra oil.

9.  To get a pro makeup look, you may use concealer. After creating a cat-eye makeup with eyeliner imperfections, go for another concealer hack and apply this splendid product on your angle-formed brush and make corrections. It’s more recommendable than wiping off all your eye makeup and go for reapplication.

10.  To enjoy the sharpness of your lips and stop the lipstick from creasing, you should line the external parts of your lips with concealer.

11.  To have fuller-looking lips and make your lipstick last, you may experiment with another concealer hack and apply it in the center of your lips. Use your fingertip to blend the concealer and top it off with a nude lipstick.  

12.  To achieve outstanding brows, you may apply concealer underneath and overhead, opting for a lighter tone compared with your skin. Then use your fingertips to carry out blending. Consider that it is more recommendable than opting for a brush.

13.  For a pro makeup look, use two types of concealers and you will be able to contour and highlight your face. Apply the lighter tone on the light-reflecting areas and reach for the darker hue to achieve perfect contouring. Finally, opt for a buffing brush to blend the products.  

14.  It’s quite easy to prepare a tinted moisturizing product. You will just need to combine your favorite lotion and concealer. It will make your skin subtle, providing hydration, as well.  

15.  Have at hand various concealer types, as you have to treat various parts differently. Besides, you may choose the type of coverage you desire to achieve.

Don’t get disappointed if you wake up with some blemishes and dark circles under your eyes. These concealer hacks will definitely help you achieve pro makeup looks.


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