101 Things to Do to Have Clean and Smooth Skin

The desire and efforts of having a clean and healthy skin is everlasting. The condition of the skin may vary from day to day, which is the reason you will never be able to cease to combat blemishes. If you look for effective ways, consider these 101 things to do to have clean and smooth skin.

Things to Do to Have Clean and Smooth Skin

1. Let Your Skin Breath

If you aren’t afraid of leaving your face without any makeup product for some time, you should go for it. It is a reality that your skin needs some time to breathe and to go for detoxification.

2. Skip Wearing Makeup When Going to Sleep

Even if you have to keep numerous facial wipes at hand in order to get rid of your makeup before going to sleep, it’s worth. Though they don’t clean your face as much as cleansers, they are still more recommendable than wearing makeup during the whole night.

3. Wash Your Pillowcases

When moving at night, the oil and bacteria of your skin will transfer to the pillowcase, which will definitely stick to your face. Thus, you had better replace the old pillowcases with the new one and prevent bacteria from passing to your skin.

4. Clean the Phone

After talking to your friend on the phone for a long time, you will notice foundation transferred from your face. You are advised to clean your phone with antibacterial wipes, as it will be your key to have a smooth and clean skin without any breakouts.

5. Keep Your Brushes Clean

Makeup brushes have an immediate contact with your skin, which means they may transfer bacteria and dirt. To avoid it, you should rinse your brushes frequently with the help of water and soap.

6. Go for Regular Exercising

Exercising is crucial not only for your health but for achieving a smooth skin, as well. It may cause sweating, boosting up the blood flow, which will be your key to a clean skin.

7. Stick to Much Water

The perfect function of your skin as well as the digestion process may greatly depend on the hydration. To enjoy a faultless skin, stick to as much water as possible during the whole day.

8. A Good Sleep

Sleep is an essential thing to do if you desire to have a magical skin. There is a necessity of rest for your skin, which is provided by sleep during the night. Try to sleep at least 6-8 hours each night, as it’s ideal for skin regeneration.

9. Skip Squeezing and Picking

If you can’t make your hands stay away from your face, just keep them between your legs. Playing with pimples, you will end up with a spoiled face, giving rise to inflammation. However, if you can’t stay away from squeezing, just grasp Q-tips and do the job with them instead of your fingers in order not to cause bacteria.

10. Skip Contacting with Your Face

Never put your hands on your face or try to get rid of zits with them. The hands contain lots of bacteria, which may lead to unpleasant blemishes.

11. Rinse Your Face after Your Hair

Make changes in your skin care routine and wash your face after rinsing your tresses. This trick won’t let the conditioner stick to your face and cause pores.

12. Opt for Sunscreen

To have clean and smooth skin, you should apply sunscreen not only in summer but in winter as well. SPF high products will provide you with a younger complexion, fighting against sun spots and unpleasant acne scars.

13. Clean Your Skin Before and After Workout

It’s of great importance to clean your skin properly both before and after working out. Sweat as well as debris, caused by workout may lead to skin blemishes. Thus you had better keep your skin pure before and after attending the gym.

14. Give up Smoking

Numerous health problems may be caused because of smoking. It may give rise to wrinkles and cause dryness to your skin. Your skin will be exposed to aging and there will appear pores.

15. Keep Your Glasses Clean

Glasses are one of the items that touch your skin, so you should clean them properly. Use wipes to clean the frames as well as the bridge as soon as you take them off in order to skip bacteria.

16. Pay Attention to the Expiration Date of the Products

You usually make a mistake by keeping products, the date of which has expired. However, you are advised to throw them away in order not to cause harm to your skin and transfer bacteria.

17. Pay Attention to the Ingredients

Not all ingredients are healthy for your skin. There are numerous ingredients, which give rise to breakouts and acne. Opt for products which are beneficial for you and skip applying ones with comedogenic features.

18. Stay Away from Stress

Stress is one of the main reasons of getting acne on your skin. Get distressed by taking a shower or experimenting with a treadmill session. Relaxation is one of the easy ways to have clean and smooth skin.

19. Never Wait for the Evening to Rinse Your Face

It’s recommendable to rinse your face twice a day, in the morning and before going to bed. It’s quite right, but you had better clean your face just after coming home in order to get rid of the grim as soon as possible.

20. Rinse Your Fringe Each Day

When you notice that your fringe becomes oily, don’t wait until you rinse all your hair. The bang, touching your brows may lead to breakouts on your forehead, thus you had better clean it with shampoo to get rid of dirt as well as grease.

21. Apply Cool Water

Applying hot water, you will end up with skin dryness, causing irritation to your skin, as well. When using cold water, it will greatly affect your blood vessels. Thus, you had better stick to cool water when washing your face.

22. Regular Exfoliation

Exfoliation has a significant meaning for a smooth-looking skin. In case your skin is sensitive, you may opt for skin exfoliation once weekly, In case of a normal skin, two times is allowed. Make sure you opt for the proper scrub.

23. Take Precautions Beforehand

No matter whether you deal with breakouts or not, you should go for topical treatments and look after your skin. You had better stop the breakouts from happening in order not to face worse problems.

24. Ask a Gynecologist for Help

Ask a doctor for help if you discover that hormones are the main cause of skin acne. Gynecologist’s help becomes a must if you face zits at your chin or they appear on your cheeks.

25. Visit a Dermatologist

In case you have experimented with countless products and methods of having clean and smooth skin, and the result isn’t satisfying, ask the dermatologist to provide you with a prescription.

26. Enlarge the Use of Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are high in vitamins as well as healthy minerals, which will provide you with a clean and shiny skin. Taste salads, as they are beneficial for your skin, as well.

27. Stay Away from Sugar

Limit the use of sweets, which are packed with sugar and you will be able to diminish inflammation. Glucose directly affects the production of collagen in your skin, making it dry and lifeless.

28. Skip Applying Dairy

Milk is known for its inflammation-causing feature, which may influence on the androgens, increasing the number of acne on your skin. You may easily replace milk with coconut or almond option to enjoy a smooth skin.

29. Diminish the Use of Alcohol

Beverages are high in alcohol as well as sugar, which may ruin the skin and cause dehydration. Thus, diminishing their use, you will embrace a clean skin.

30. Use Omega 3-Acids

Fats shouldn’t be thrown away from your diet, as they are wonderful for your skin, increasing hydration and diminishing the risk of getting inflamed.

31. Opt for Probiotic Supplements

To make your skin look healthy and smooth, you should replace the bad bacteria with the good ones. Bad bacteria may lead to the appearance of acne, thus you had better rely on probiotic supplements and fight against breakouts.

32. Go for Probiotics

Enlarge your diet with probiotics, as they come to replace fiber, produced from plants and have a fertilizing feature, which will make the good bacteria increase in number.

33. Go for Sweating

Though sweat may make you feel dirty, it’s one of the easy ways to unclog pores and let dirt and bacteria out. You should only rinse your skin thoroughly after sweating to get rid of the sweat.

34. Stick to Avocado

Avocados are packed with healthy vitamins as well as fatty acids. They also contain antioxidants and may be used in various recipes. They may also be used in healthy snacks, spiced up with pepper and salt.

35. Reach for Tomatoes

Being packed with water and lycopene, tomatoes provide great hydration and combat the damage of sun rays, boosting the skin soak oxygen.

36. Opt for Recipes with Spices

Spices are high in antioxidants and are packed with anti-inflammatory features. Being originated in India, spices are fabulous for a smooth skin.

37. Stick to Turmeric

If you are prone to using spices, give a try to this one, as it’s high in anti-bacterial and anti-microbial features, which will enhance the glow and smoothness of your skin. You may prepare DIY recipes with turmeric and stick to a topical treatment.

38. Fill Your Diet with Berries

All types of berries are packed with antioxidants. We should mention about the beneficial features of acai as well as blueberries, which are rather cheap and may be compared with fruits.

39. Use Whole Grains

Replace the white bread with whole grains, as they provide a great source of fiber to make your body healthy and skin clean. Being packed with B vitamins, they are busy with the regeneration of skin cells, which is crucial for a smooth skin.

40. Have Much Tea

If you aren’t prone to drinking much water and look for a great substitute, you may stick to teas like chamomile or green. They have a pleasant smell and are rich in nutrition.

41. Go for Lemon Water

Lemon is high in Vitamin C and will fight against acidity as opposed to the old conceptions. Lemon comes to create a control pH levels and diminish acidity. Lemon is also known for its diuretic feature, which may lead to the detox.

42. Opt for Dark Chocolate

Being known as one of the main causes of acne, dark chocolate proves to be completely safe for skin due to its antioxidant feature. Make sure you eat the right chocolate and forget about the milky one.

43. Eat Nuts

Containing fatty acids, guilt-free walnuts together with almonds may be applied when having a healthy snack.

44. Enjoy Red Wine

Being high in polyphenols, red wine is able to repair the skin aging cells. Combining the red wine and a benzol peroxide treatment will fight against skin irritation, caused by anti-acne creams.

45. Skip Using Foods Rich in Glycemic

They come to boost blood sugar level as well as insulin, giving rise to inflammation of the skin.Thus, you had better skip applying foods packed with glycemic.

46. Include Pumpkin Seeds into Your Diet

Being packed with fatty acids and containing zinc and essential vitamins, pumpkin seeds are able to bring your hormones to control as well as balance the production of oil.

47. Get Protein from Fish

When opting for protein-rich foods, you are recommended staying away from chicken as well as steak, as they cause changes to hormones. Sticking to fish is the best option, as its packed with fatty acids.

48. Stick to Eggs

Being high in amino acids, eggs provide your skin with the necessary amount of protein, making its tissue stronger.

49. Pay Attention to Your Medicine

If you frequently apply medicine, you should have a look at the side-effects it may cause. Having breakouts may be one of the problems you may face after using medicine. You had better ask your dermatologist to find the best solution to your problem.

50. Opt for Clean Diet

Replace fast and processed foods with real and healthy ones. Instead of opting for ready-made snacks, you had better enlarge the use of greens as well as whole grains.

51. Go for Retinoid

Retinoid has a power to open the pores and replace the dead skin cells with the new ones. You may easily get them at the department stores.

52. Opt for Oatmeal

It is able to provide you with a smooth skin by getting rid of dead cells. Oatmel help you have a clean skin without causing any irritation.

53. Reach for Citric Acids

Citric acids get rid of the first layer of your skin and enhance the growth of new cells, providing you with a glowy and smooth skin.

54. Opt for Alpha Hydroxy Acids

They remove the dead cells of your skin. Go for exfoliating products, high in alpha hydroxy acids, you will remove the dead cells of your skin and enjoy its smoothness.

55. Go for Honey

To take care of your skin properly and efficiently, you had better stick to honey and prepare a DIY recipe. Honey is a great antiseptic and is packed with a hydrating feature. Apply it on your skin and it will act as a fantastic treatment.

56. Apply Aspirin

It’s quite sensible to reach for sensible to make your skin clean and smooth. Aspiring fights against skin inflammation, due to the acetylsalicylic acid packed in it. Make a natural treatment by blending aspirin tablets of aspirin with honey as well as water.

57. Try Yogurt

Yogurt is high in lactic acid which will remove bacteria from your skin, penetrating into the pores. Add honey to yogurt and getting a facial mask, apply it on your skin. It will act as a magical exfoliation.

58. Opt for Tea Tree Oil

As tea tree oil has a skin drying feature and it’s known for its antiseptic features, you should apply it only on the blemishes of your skin. Tea tree oil won’t irritate your skin or give rise to itching.

59. Opt for Sulfur

Though sulfur has an unpleasant odor, it cleans the pores from oil and gets rid of bacteria, leading to acne.

60. Reach for Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar, high in malic acid, has an antibacterial feature. Being known for its antiviral properties, apple cider vinegar controls the pH of your skin and brings the sebum production to balance.

61. Apply Black Soap

The black soap should be given a great value when seeking for an effective product for a smooth skin. It is packed with natural formula and is considered one of the treatments, curing various skin sicknesses.

62. Apply Egg Whites

The omelet is a real provider of protein, so you may apply it on your skin and make it pure by getting rid of dirt and bacteria. Egg whites may also soak extra oil from your skin.

63. Opt for Azelaic Acid

You may get this ingredient in various products like lotions as well as creams. Azelaic acid will remove blemishes and bacteria stored in pores. It diminishes keratin production, thus lessening the risk of having acne on your skin.

64. Stick to Benzoyl Peroxide

Benzoyl peroxide is packed in numerous products. In spite of the fact that it has a drying feature, you may clean your face off the breakouts with it in an easy way.

65. Opt for Kojic Acid

Though kojic acid is not famous in taking care of the skin, it may greatly influence on the disappearance of dark spots. It also prevents your skin from getting unpleasant scars.

66. Try Salicylic Acid

To cure acne in an efficient way, you may reach for products high in salicylic acid. It removes the dead skin layer and strips the blemish as well. Due to its anti-irritant feature, salicylic acid won’t increase the sensitivity of your skin.

67. Opt for Jojoba Oil

Being one of the friends of your skin, jojoba oil comes to bring the production of oil to control. You may also stick to other oils and try all of them until you get the best one for your skin.

68. Apply Kaolin

Kaolin is clay with an impurity removing feature. It makes your pores clean and is recommendable for a sensitive type of skin, as well.

69. Opt for Aloe

Aloe is one of the plants, having a healing feature. No one can deny its beneficial qualities for the skin. If combats inflammation, diminishing the risk of acne scars.

70. Apply Garlic

Being packed with antimicrobial and bacteria killing features, garlic helps your skin become clean without acne. However, if your skin is prone to sensitivity, you had better skip garlic in order not to face burning.

71. Opt for Gentle Products

Replace your foaming cleanser with a gentle option to bring your skin to balance. It will also prevent your skin from drying mostly in case you stick to topical treatment to combat acne.

72. Skip Alcohol

Toners are among the products, high in alcohol, which directly affects the state of your skin. Applying astringent, your skin will become even drier. Thus, you had better experiment with witch hazel as well as rosewater options.

73. Never Ignore Your Body

Stick to a salicylic-rich body wash in order to clean your body off acne and have a smooth skin.

74. Go for Overnight Treatments

In case of dealing with oversized bumps, you should experiment with a drying treatment during the whole night. When getting up in the morning, you will have diminished ruddiness and inflammation of skin.

75. Be Mindful When Applying Cover-Up

To cover and cure zits, you may opt for concealer, which will combat blemishes and provide you with a soft and pure skin.

76. Go to the Drugstore

Going to the drugstore and purchase the right product is another easy way to have a clean and smooth skin. Your skin will be shred from blemishes and prevented from becoming evident.

77. Apply Facial Mask

If you have a skin problem with blackheads and acne, opt for a clay mask with purifying features. This fabulous mask will soak all the debris off your pores, giving you a glowy skin without impurities.

78. Pay Attention to the Ingredients

Skip applying products, which are high in pore-closing formula. Mineral oil is among them, which holds the moisture deep into the skin. You had better replace it with natural formula and stick to moisture-enhancing creams with Greek yogurt.

79. Opt for BB Cream

BB cream is a perfect option to substitute your foundation with. It’s great in case you deal with acne, no matter in which level it is. BB cream has no irritating feature and won’t close your pores. It may act as a fabulous concealer, making your complexion smoother.

80. Reach for Pads

When opting for pads, which combat acne, you should reach for milder versions, and they will trap the acne of your face.

81. Create a Perfect Canvas

Apply acne-combating gel before reaching for the moisturizing product, and it will provide you with a perfect canvas. In this way you won’t have to remove your makeup in order to enjoy your smooth skin.

82. Get Right Tools

To make your skin super clean, you should reach for a cleansing tool and give your makeup products a chance to be efficient. Reach for a pulsating type of brush for a perfect exfoliation.

83. Opt for Multi-Functional Products

A product, which is multi-functional, and is high in salicylic acid as well as retinol linoleate together with LHA, combats acne in a fantastic way. Opting for one with a creamy texture is more recommendable.

84. Apply Mask to Hide Skin Problems

To get rid of all the skin problems like pores and blemishes, you should opt for a great mask packed with salicylic acid as well as kaolin. This magical mask will remove impurities and diminish breakouts, bringing pH and sebum production to balance.

85. Opt for Steam

Applying cleanser and then reaching for a steam is a fantastic way to remove dirt as well as makeup off your face. Steam may be your key to getting a clean and smooth skin.

86. Apply Serum

Applying moisture-enhancing products is a must. However, when dealing with an oily skin, you should reach for serums with hydrating features.

87. To make her skin clean and smooth, Blake Lively goes for a foaming cleanser, recommending it to all women, as


88. When dealing with her sensitive type of skin, Emma Stone reaches for a facial cleanser and purifies her skin


89. Jennifer Anniston opts for a simple product and sticks to a facial bar with a cleansing feature.


90. To rinse your face, you may reach for apple cider vinegar like Scarlett Johansson. It is a great treatment against

breakouts and other skin problems.

91. Kristen Stewart experiments with Proactive and manages to control her oily skin, fighting against acne, as well.

92. David Colbert, one of the famous dermatologists, works with such celebrities as Sienna Miller as well as RachelWeisz. They reach for body oils and purifying cleansers as well as eye creams and serums.

93. Gisele Bundchenmanages to fight against the annoying zit with the help of acne gel.

94. AnnaLynne McCord, suffering from acne, finds the secret of a smooth skin in the application of cleanser.

95. Lauren Conrad finds Proactive as her secret to a clean skin. She applies it for several years and manages to create a faultless look.

96. Gwyneth Paltrow is prone to using cleansers and other body and facial creams high in Vitamin E.

97. Miranda Kerr recommends applying oxygen- high facial masks for a glowy skin and clean skin.

98. To resemble Anna Paquin’s clean and smooth skin, you had better go for treatments or buy products to carry it out at home.

99. Cameron Diaz gets rid of her pimples with the help of lancer. After this process, she reaches for special products like Visin to combat skin ruddiness.

100. Naomi Campbell shares one of her beauty secrets and recommends opting for microdermabrasion to be able to fight aging.

101. Take your inspiration from Kate Hudson and enjoy your clean skin by opting for an ice bath. Soak your face in it and make your pores firm, bringing the previous shine to your face.
We are sure you will find a solution to your skin problem, as you are already aware of the best methods of having clean and smooth skin.