10 Wedding Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

Wedding is one of the most important life events for a woman. As we all know the bride is the center of attention on that day and it seems that the world turns around her. Hence it is very important to have a flawless bridal look. Besides there will be a lot photoshooting on that day.  So you don’t want to regret your dress and makeup choices. Well to keep you away from such situations we decided to present a list of the biggest wedding beauty mistakes to avoid when it comes to creating a bridal look. So read on!

Wedding Beauty Mistakes To Avoid

1.  Not Concentrating on One Look

One of the biggest mistakes that future brides make is checking out too many makeup looks and ending up confused. Make sure you know well what you want, try to concentrate on one or two options in order to help your stylist create the look of your dreams.

2.  Trying Something New

Ok we know that you want your bridal look to differ from your regular dressy look but trust us, trying something that’s outside of your comfort zone might be risky. The best you can do is get an extra appointment for a trial in order to see whether the look that you’ve chosen is the best option for you or not.

3.  Wearing the Wrong T-shirt on your Appointment

This may sound kind of weird at first but this is also something that you need to take under consideration as not wearing a button-up shirt might be the reason of a ruined wedding look. The last thing that you want is to have your hair and makeup look like a total mess just because you removed your t-shirt to wear your dress.

4.  Wearing a New Trend

Usually there are fashion trends for daily looks and fashion trends for bridal looks. So before you rush to ask for one of the latest beauty trends please explore the web to see whether it is appropriate for a wedding look or not.

5.  Skipping Primer and Powder

Sometimes we feel too lazy to follow all the needed steps for a flawless look. Well we are talking about your wedding look. So forget about laziness. Skipping primer and powder means ending up with a ruined look that has smudges and stains, definitely not what you want to see in your wedding photos.

6.  Sticking with a Formula That Contains SPF

No you’re not mistaken, we’re actually asking you to avoid formulas that contain SPF. Well the reason why we do so is simply because such formulas can reflect camera flash on your pictures making you look weird on your wedding photos.

7.  Choosing the Wrong False Lashes

Although you want to look well-polished and glamorous on your big day, you don’t want to look artificial. Remember you are beautiful the way you are and you don’t need to take it too far. So when it comes to wearing false lashes choose the right shape and size to get a more natural effect.

8.  Leaving your Tanning Procedure for the Last Days

Note that natural tan isn’t recommended as it is risky for your health. So the best option to go for appears to be spray tan. However you don’t want to leave this for the last minute as you might end up with distracting dark stains on your wedding dress.

9.  Skipping Lip Pencil

Line up your lips and fill in using a lip pencil of a shade close to the color of your lipstick to get plumper lips and achieve long lasting effects.

10.  Not Preparing a Touch Up Kit

Last but not least it is also very important to prepare a touch up kit for the big day. Note that in your kit you must have lipstick, lip liner, blush, concealer, mascara, and nail lacquer of the exact same colors of your makeup look.  Also consider having other makeup tools such as makeup removing tissues, Q-tips, cotton pads etc.