10 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

When organizing a wedding ceremony, you desire it to be exclusive and far away from looking traditional. Though rituals have always been appreciated by people, a great change has occurred and nuptial showers as well as proposals have been replaced with something untraditional. Thus, if you are among the girls who desire their wedding to be unforgettable and interesting, shift from the conventional rituals and stick to these unique wedding ceremony ideas.

Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

1. Let Sky Lanterns Free into the Air

The candle lighting tradition may be easily replaced with sky lanterns. Light it and its flame will look screaming in the air, giving a new and chic vibe to the wedding ceremony. This idea is amazing when your wedding takes place outdoors. The couples should light and let them free into the air, opting for various shades for an interesting vibe.To symbolize faith and unity, ask your guests to carry out the same action with other lanterns. You mau also stick a massage with the best wishes to the lanterns to show your tenderness.

2. Create Egg Massages

To have a unique wedding present, the couples prepare egg massages. For this unique wedding idea you should make the needle go through the ends of the eggand get rid of the yolk sins causing any harm to the egg shell. Afterwards, you should put the massage into the egg and gift it to your sweetie. You may open the egg whenever you both wish no matter whether it’s your anniversary or a baby birth.

3. Prepare an Hourglass

Here is another cheap and unique wedding idea to stick to. You may get an hourglass and fill it in with white and yellow sand by mixing them, symbolizing unity and love. It means you are an inseparable couple, having no dependence on time. You spend your life in a great compromise and know its great value.
When the wedding comes to its end, you may lay the hourglass near your bed, always making you remember of the eternity of your love despite of all the fights and trials of life.

4. Make a Wedding Band with Fingerprints on It

If you decide to spend your expenses on your honeymoon and want to replace the expensive ring with another fabulous idea, you may make a wedding band, having the fingerprints of your sweetie. Instead of wearing a metallic ring with an expensive gemstone, you may go for another poetic idea and pull off a ring made of band.

5. Locks and Keys

It’s one of the efficient rituals, followed by the nuptials. Get keys and locks with unique shapes and after lockingrelease them into water in case your wedding ceremony tales place at the beach. You may also go for key locking and open them only when stepping into your house. Burying the two keys is a fabulous idea, as well, which means you are in a close and firm connection.

6. Opt for a Map Guide

Take the world map and give the guests pushpins in various colors. Ask them to choose the most interesting place for your honeymoon and put the pushpin there. There may be a great variety of places, but you should opt for the one, which is more chosen.

7. Skip Throwing Rice

In case you consider that rice throwing is an old ritual, there exist other interesting substitutions. To be more symbolic and signify the power of earth, you may throw seeds over the nuptials. You may opt for seeds of grass to create a beautiful landscape. Seeds of lavender are another great choice if you want to give birth to a nice meadow at the place where you got acquainted. Seeds come to symbolize birth of life, including a magical power in them.
If dealing with plants isn’t dear to you, you may experiment it sprinkles of rainbow. They will create a fabulous scene and be pleasant both to adults and children. They will create a joyful atmosphere and draw everyone crazy.

8. Opt for Donut-Cakes

It is rather difficult and expensive to make a wedding cake for all the guests and to satisfy their taste. You may try one of the unique wedding ceremony ideas and prepare a donut cake, which will be rather beautiful and easy for tasting. To make your cake look uniform, you should opt for the same-colored spatters. This option is less expensive and involves a unique touch in it.

9. Create a Bouquet Special to Artists

If the bride is fond of books and has an artistic personality, the flower bouquet may be replaced with fabulous paper flowers. They won’t lose their freshness and become limpfor many years. All you need is to take papers of books and prepare a stunning bouquet. It’s also recommendable when throwing the bouquet to the guests, as it won’t get spoiled and spread everywhere.

10. Create Your Own Drink

To add something unique in your wedding ceremony, you may offer a new drink with new ingredients. When offering a toast, you may come along with your own cocktail and drink it for the nuptials. You may also give new and tricky names to the drinks and offer your guests to give the correct answers when tasting them.
Wedding is one of the ceremonies that may cause stress and cost much money. However, there are easy methods to turn it into an unforgettable day. Opting for unconventional ways, you will save your expenses and give a rustic vibe to your ceremony.
Shift from monotonous services as well as receptions which are not unique and exquisite. Let your friends get thrilled with your wedding, and have a desire to resemble it. Thus, these exclusive wedding ceremony ideasmay be your guide.