10 Tips to Make Makeup Last All Day Long

To wear a fabulous makeup for a great night is easy but to provide it with longevity may be a bit difficult. To be able to enjoy your makeup during the whole night, you should opt for right products and stick to effective tricks. Here are 10 tips to make makeup last all day long.

Tips to Make Makeup Last All Day Long

1.  Make the Pores Smooth

Before applying your makeup, you should carry out exfoliation as it’s your success to an even surface. Achieving it, your makeup will have a long life. Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week to get rid of the dead skin cells.   

2.  Be Mindful When Choosing a Moisturizer

You have probably faced that makeup may pass into the fine lines and spoil your overall look. The level of hydration changes, the production of sebum alters, as well, giving you an uneven skin. However, there exist moisturizing products, which may promote smoothness.

3.  The Great Role of Primer

To get a smooth skin and a perfect base for your makeup, you should reach for primer. It makes your makeup last all day long and prevents its absorption. In case your skin is oily and you are afraid of ending with a slipping makeup, look for a primer which is deprived of oil. You should choose another primer for your eyelid, as it’s the most delicate skin.

4.  Stick to Long-Wear Makeup

Makeup with long-wear properties are packed with light formulas which don’t cause creasing as well as slipping. You may opt for one, perfect for gel liner and mascara, while foundation with long-wear features fight against skin dehydration. In case your skin is oily, you may stick to makeup, which lacks oil and absorbs the glow of your face.     

5.  Product Layering

Lightly layer several products, and skip spreading a single one heavily. This tip will definitely make your makeup last long, providing you with a natural look, as well.

6.  Fix Your Makeup with Powder

To make your makeup last all day long, you should fix it with the help of powder. When you are accustomed with covering the T-zone with foundation and concealing the dark circles under your eyes, you should also follow another tip and layer powder to fix your makeup.

7.  Make Your Lipstick Last Long

Here you are provided with one of the tips of making your lipstick stay long. You should first apply lip liner focusing on your cupid’s bow and the lip edges. Then take your favorite lipstick and apply it with the help of a brush and layer it with a pencil to fix the look.

8.  Apply Setting Spray

To stop your makeup from melting, there exist special setting sprays for your makeup. This tip will prevent you from touchups. It has much in common with a hairspray and may be the last thing you will do before going outside.  

9.  Don’t Touch Your Face

If you regularly touch your face, you won’t let your makeup last long. You will also transmit bacteria and viruses on your face and spoil your skin. Avoid picking the breakouts or touching the eyes, as they are among the bad habits you should definitely skip.    

10.  Go for Blotting

Instead of touching your makeup during the day and applying powder, you had better opt for blotting. Build-up may change the dimension of the pore and cause skin dehydration, as well.    

Consider even the tiniest detail when creating your makeup. Everything from high-quality products and the right application technique, follow these best tips to make your makeup last all day long.


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