10 Rules of Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions seem to be the best choice when it comes to adding a dramatic touch to a look. However one must be well-skilled in the field in order to know how to wear eyelash extensions otherwise you may end up looking weird or having an artificial look. Well, to keep you away from such situations we decided to present the main rules that every woman needs to know to wear eyelash extensions properly. So scroll down the list to find out what’s all about!

Rules of Eyelash Extensions

1.  Get an Appointment to Get the Desired Effects without Putting Too Much Effort on

After all, no one can do it better than a professional. So maybe you should consider asking a professional to do it for you.  Before you make an appointment be sure that the person who’s going to help you has esthetician’s license and is certified to apply lashes. Also don’t be shy to ask questions if something isn’t quite clear for you. Remember, the costumer is always right.

2.  Check the Prices

This is one of those specific cases when high price also means high quality work. So check and compare the prices before you rush to get an appointment. Also ask your friends if they’ve ever visited a professional and they have any suggestions.

3.  Don’t Go to A Technician that is Self-Taught

Again, the technician will work on a very sensitive area around your eyes. So you don’t want to trust a self-taught technician. After all there are many tutorials available on the web. So if you wouldn’t ask a real professional why not doing it yourself?

4.  Opt for the Right Size and the Right Length

Eyelashes come in different sizes and shapes. So it is very important to test and see which one works the best for you. You don’t want to create an artificial look that will scream ”fake lashes” so you have to be very picky when it comes to choosing the right form.

5.  Groom your Lashes on a Daily Basis

To avoid looking messy and having your lashes stuck to each other you might need to groom your lashes every day. So once you get fake eyelash extensions apply you have to change your makeup regime and start it by brushing your lashes every time.

6.  Cleanse your Lashes

It is necessary to wash your lashes on a daily basis. Dust and dirt may built up on your extensions during the day and irritate your eyes. So by the end of the day you have to carefully wash your lashes to get rid of the dirt. For better effects we suggest using baby shampoo for the process.

7.  Avoid Using Oil-Based Products

Oil will destroy the glue, loosen your lashes and make them fall off sooner than expected. So to get more long-lasting effects, you have to avoid using oil-based products. Also if possible, avoid applying mascara on because it will also make your lashes fall off sooner.

8.  Use a Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillowcase will prevent your lash extensions from getting damaged. So once you get the extension switch out your pillowcase for a silk one. This is one of the main secrets for guaranteed long-lasting effects. So don’t ignore this method.

9.  Don’t be Rough but be Extremely Careful

You lashes are just like the rest of your hair. So you have to be extremely careful when removing the extensions as pulling or picking roughly might be the cause of damaged lashes that won’t grow back.

10.  Maintain your Lashes

You eyelash extensions also need extra care and nourishing regime. So to ensure you’re providing extra care and protecting your lashes from any kind of ”threatening” external factors you need to get them freshen up every once in a while (preferably every three weeks).