10 Other Uses of Nail Polish You Never Knew About

Did you know anything about the additional uses that nail polishes have? Well it turns out that nail polishes have some other uses that most of us never heard about. As they say it’s never too late to learn something new. So here is a whole list of other uses of nail polishes that you never knew about!

Other Uses of Nail Polish You Never Knew About

1.  Nail Polish Helps to Prevent a Run in your Stockings from Expanding

Most of you probably heard about this ability before. A run in your tights can ruin your mood and become ”the reason” of a bad day. So it is more than necessary to prevent it from expanding as soon as possible. So make sure you always keep a bottle of clear polish in your handbag to use it whenever needed.

2.  Prevents Jewelry Discoloration

As the time passes your jewelry may change its color losing its shine. That is when you’re allowed to apply nail polish on. By applying a clear nail polish on the needed surface you’ll help the air lock out making your jewelry look brand new.

3.  Changes the Color of your Jewelry

Tired of your old jewelry? How about renovating them by adding a few coats of other colors on? Create your own DIY jewelry pieces and show off your arts and crafts skills by coloring your old embellishments with vibrant nail colors.

4.  Can Decorate your Bobby Pins

Decorate your bobby pins with a pop of color and transform them from boring to super cute stylish ones. So start by painting the upper part of your bobby pins using a nail polish of any color of your preference and then slip them into a piece of paper and let them dry. Wait for a few minutes and enjoy wearing brand new bobby pins!

5.  You Can Use Nail Polish to Thread a Needle Faster

Only girls that sew know how annoying can be the needle thread process. Well not anymore! Apply a layer of top coat on the thread, brush and then try to needle thread. The nail polish will harden thread making the process a lot easier than if in other cases.

6.  Nail Polish to Paint your Keys

The easiest way to remember which key goes for each lock is by color-coding. By painting your keys you’ll easily memorize which one is designed for each door lock while showing off an original and colorful key chain that expresses the artistic side of your character.

7.  Nail Polish to Seal Envelopes

We totally understand if you’re feeling uncomfortable licking the paper to seal the envelope. That is why we suggest another, better alternative. That is, applying nail polish (preferably clear nail polish) to the inner part of the flap instead of licking.

8.  Applying Nail Polish on the Tops of the Bottles to Indicate the Colors

Why spending time trying to find the color that you wanted to wear? Add a small dot of each color on the top of their bottles in order to easily indicate the colors and not waste time trying to find a specific color.

9.  Perfect for Coloring the Seal of your Shoes

Paint the sole of your high heels by using nail polish. It’s an easy and affordable method to renovate a pair of shoes. Cover the rest of the shoe to avoid getting any stains on it and use a fluffy brush to add the color on. Add a few more layers if you feel the need to do so.

10.  Nail Polish Can Conceal any Scratches and Stains

Apply a thin layer of nail polish of the same color as your shoe to conceal any scratches and stains. Also note that the nail color must be tested as not all colors look the same after the application as they do in their bottle.