10 Medium-Length Celeb Inspired Hairstyles and Their Tutorials

When it comes to seeking for new hairstyle ideas our beloved stars are the best source of inspiration. Our admirable celebs always manage to impress us with their flawless looks. Whether paparazzi spot them when they’re heading to the store or they appear on the red carpet they look just perfect. That is why we decided to reveal their secret for a flawless look. To be more specific this time we focused our attention on the best medium-length celebrity hairstyles, also presenting the tutorials for getting these looks! So check them out!

Loose Locks

This is a soft, romantic look presented by gorgeous Clair Danes. Note that long layers are necessary for this style. To achieve this look you need to do the following:

Dry your hair with a blow dryer and start sectioning your hair from the nape of your neck. Once you finish that process you need to grab a large sized brush and use it to blow dry each section separately. Blow dry pointing the air down the hair shaft. Pull the hair up and back once you reach the sections on the top of your head for some extra volume.

Medium-Length Celeb Inspired Hairstyles and Their Tutorials