10 Fashion Hacks for Pregnant Women

Pregnancy is the most wonderful period of every woman’s life. It is when you have to enjoy every moment of it and take care of you and your baby. However, sometimes women hide their pregnancy. The thing is they are ashamed of their large body and even don’t realize that it’s the most beautiful thing in the world. You just need to choose right clothes to show your beauty and at the same time to protect yourself from numerous problems. Speaking of the right clothes, we would like to introduce the major mistakes that women make during their pregnancy. This aspect is of vital importance for women, as they should protect both themselves and their child from many grave problems. We have every reason to believe that this article will help you to avoid similar problems. Here are 10 of the main fashion tips and hacks for pregnant women.

Fashion Hacks for Pregnant Women

1. Tight Jeans

Ok, the first thing you should definitely avoid undoubtedly is tight jeans. They harm your health in both cases during pregnancy and your entire life. Tight jeans aren’t recommended for pregnant women because they’re uncomfortable and very risky. However if you want to stick with jeans anyways you can at least opt for loose elastic jeans that are especially designed for pregnant women.

2. Skimpy underwear

Remember, pregnancy is not a joke. You should really take care of yourself, beginning with wearing the right underwear. You can always look excellent and sexual, but it’d be better if you choose a size up one. It’s really important to feel full comfort during the first phase of your motherhood.

3. Stay warm

As regard to your health, it’d be better stay warm during your pregnancy. Well, as to this question, layering is the best option to stay warm. Be careful to stay in one plane of temperature, as your hormones change your body’s temperature actually every 5 minutes.

4. Footwear

Another important question is what to wear during pregnancy. Well, at first it’s worth mentioning that you should avoid of high heels. You should not strain your body, but instead be wear slippers and stay at home for as much as possible. Keep your high heels for another phase of your life.

5. Maternity tights

Just like the tight jeans, maternity tights aren’t recommended for pregnant women either. If you think they will hide your flaws, conversely they will show them. From the other side, they will annoy your body and you’ll feel rather uncomfortable with them.

6. Wash your Face Before you dress

Just imagine how difficult is to wash your face and brush your teeth with your big belly. That’s why we advise you to brush your teeth at first before you dress your outdoor clothes.

7. Minefield bras

Choosing the right bra is another problem for pregnant women. It’s really difficult to find a good bra that’s both, comfortable and perfect for your body shape. Note that your boobs in that period are more sensitive than ever. Thus, you have to choose a good bra that will not annoy you during your pregnancy.

8. After Pregnancy Care

Surely all pregnant women dream about the childbirth in order to go back to their normal life, wear tight jeans and high hells, but don’t even try to hurry and plan what you’ll wear just after your delivery. Your body surely will change its shape and your shopping will be in vain.

9. Fashion rules for pregnant women

There are some types of clothes that will make you look much more beautiful with your big belly. You should just avoid wearing whites and ensembles with vertical stripes. Another thing you should avoid is baggy trousers. Choose comfortable clothes, won’t contain these items.

10. Don’t hurry

Sometimes knowing about pregnancy many women hurry to buy all the types of maternity clothes. Well, it’s a really big mistake! Don’t forget that your body changes its shape day by day and month by month. It’d be better to buy new items every time you notice that your old clothes do not flatter your body anymore. Besides, you’ll save some money.