10 Easy Ways to Hide Your Greasy Hair

You have probably faced a problem of greasy hair. To get rid of it, you will either wash your tresses each day or try to elongate the washing process, keeping your locks a bit oily. However, there are several easy ways to hide your greasy hair and provide you with glossy tresses. Here are the most efficient products as well as hairstyles to conceal your oily locks.

Easy Ways to Hide Your Greasy Hair

1. Prepare a Natural Dry Shampoo

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If you can’t afford buying a dry shampoo because of its high price, you may prepare it yourself at home. No matter what hair shade you have, you may easily get a fabulous dry shampoo. If your hair is light in color, you should mix cornstarch (1/4 cup) with cinnamon (1 teaspoon) and essential oil (5 drops). In case of dark tresses, you should take cornstarch (1/8 cup), cocoa powder (1/8 cup) as well as cinnamon (1/8 cup) and essential oil (5 drops). Blend them together and apply with the help of a makeup brush.

2. Wear a Cute Hat

To hide your greasy hair without much effort, you may pull off a pretty hat and get a super stylish look.

3. Wear an Undone Top Knot Hairstyle

Curly-tressed women have a great chance to hide their second-day hair and make them look fresh and cute. You should just pull your curly locks up into an undone top knot hairstyle and hide the greasiness.

4. Wear a Cute Scarf

Scarves are great accessories for any hairstyle. They give a gorgeous and thrilling vibe to any look, hiding greasy hair, as well.

5. Opt for a Baby Powder

Using baby powder is another great trick to combat greasy hair. It acts like a dry shampoo and may be purchased from the drugstore. Apply baby powder on your hair roots and will soak the excess oil.

6. Stick to Hair Potion

Hair potion is an ideal option to stick to in case your hair is greasy. It is a magical lotion, which will add volume and freshness to your second-day hair.

7. Pull off a Top Knot Hairstyle

Bedhead look is always trendy and chin. Give a try to a messy top knot hairstyle by pulling your wavy or curly tresses up into a cute updo. Enjoy your striking look and fresh-looking hair.

8. Give a Try to Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is fabulous to give your blowout a longer life and remove the grease from your tresses and add volume to your hair roots.

9. Rock a Disheveled Updo Hairstyle

When seeking for a screaming hairstyle for your greasy hair, don’t hesitate to give a try to an easy and disheveled updo. Leave some hair out to soften your face.

10. Reach for a Detox Shampoo

Dare to apply detox shampoo on your oily tresses, as it will remove the residue from your amazing locks and scalp, giving you an opportunity of washing your hair in four days.
Instead of making your second-day hair super clean with the help of shampoo try to hide the grease with these easy hairstyles and hair products.