10 Concealer Hacks to Cover Dark Circles

Concealer seems to be our savior when it comes to dealing with dark under eye circles. As you know there some internal and external factors that can cause discoloration on that specific area. These factors can include lack of sleep, stress, dry skin, unhealthy diet or an overwhelming regime in general. It should be noted that dermatologists also mark aging as a major cause of dark under eye circles. Of course after knowing what caused discoloration, the first thing that we all want to do is cover dark circles. Well to get the desired results we suggest checking out some easy concealer hacks to cover dark circles that might be life-changing!

Concealer Hacks to Cover Dark Circles

1. Take Care of your Skin

The very first thing that you have to do is plan a good skin care regimen. What we suggest doing in this specific case is using tea bags (in cool condition) to minimize bags under your eyes. According to experts of the field this method is very effective one.

2. Apply Eye Cream Before Applying Concealer

This is a must! Eye cream not only will help you to deal with discoloration but also will help to blend your concealer creating a more natural looking effect.

3. Concealer Is The Last Thing that You Have to Apply

Yeap, that’s right, concealer goes last when it comes to applying makeup. So the right order assumes starting with foundation following with eye makeup adding the finish touch by applying concealer.

4. Apply Concealer on your Lids

Just because the area under your eyes is where the discoloration is the most noticeable that doesn’t mean that you should focus on that area only. To achieve the desired effects, you might need to apply concealer on your eyelids as well.

5. Use a Brush for the Application Process

It turns out that there is a specific brush especially designed to help you to blend concealer after applying it. The latter appears to be a flat brush with densely packed bristles on. So forget about using your fingers to blend the product as it isn’t the best method to stick with.

6. Use a Corrector Before Using Concealer

Certain cases require using a corrector. This ”magical” makeup product will neutralize the dark stains and brighten up your skin creating en even base for concealer application. However to pick the right corrector you have to consider that peach color corrector is the one that eliminates gray and green while and pink one is ideal to deal with gray, blue and purple under eyes.

7. Know How to Apply

Most of us consider the half-moon ”style” the right one. However makeup artists mention that concealer should be applied in triangle form as that form helps to cover up all the needed areas emphasizing the bone structure of your cheekbones.

8. Layering is the Secret

Layering will help you to provide full coverage and achieve the desired effects of having an even and flawless looking skin. So after applying the first layer you might need to go back and add another layer as well.

9. Finish off with Powder

Once you finish with the concealer go on and dab a small amount of yellowish powder to brighten the needed area and get guaranteed long-lasting effects.

10. Highlight your Cheekbones

Highlighting your cheekbones can be another effective way to distract attention. So this is another option that must be considered after all.